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April 11, 2016

Happy Birthday, Wilson Rams!

April promises to be a busy month filled with Birthday Celebrations!

  • Robin Ticknor 4/4
  • Don McVicker 4/8
  • Cheryl Johnson 4/12
  • Anne Sisney 4/14
  • Patti Kilby 4/16

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Happy Monday, Wilson Team!

I hope you had a nice weekend and were able to enjoy the cool spring weather! The Allen Household was lively as we had a house full of teenage girls for most of the weekend! And yes, my husband did survive (even with a few boy visitors on Saturday)! LOL!

On another note, I wanted to let you know how exciting it has been hearing about the fantastic learning that has been happening in your classrooms! I have been a little "tied up" with a couple of kiddos lately, so it has been wonderful hearing about the powerful lessons I have been unable to see in action! Please keep the good news coming as we have 40 days to make a difference in the lives of our kiddos!

Keep up the phenomenal job!

Here are a couple of reminders for this week:

  • Minimum Day, Wednesday, 4/13 @ 2:00 PM
-Focus: Grade Level Meeting (Narrowing our focus for the next 2 weeks)

  • Flag Assembly for 3rd grade, Thursday, 4/14 (Beginning @ 9:00 AM)
-They will rotate to each 3rd grade classroom

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What does it mean to Teach Like a Pirate?

P=Passion (Rediscover your professional/content passion!)

I=Immerse (Immerse yourself in the lesson)

R=Rapport (Build rapport/relationships with your students)

A=Ask/Analyze (What could I do to make this lesson better? Reflect!)

T=Transformation (Transform your teaching! Push yourself out of your comfort zone!

E=Enthusiasm (Your demeanor will influence your students! Would you want to be a student in your class?)

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Find these Wilson Ts (LoriAnne Parks, Melinda Hildebrandt & Whitney Hardcastle) & ask them about these lessons:

I can hardly wait to see our "Words Do Matter" video!

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