How Water Effects Our Lives


How do we use our water?

Do you think the demands on our water have changed from 1000 years ago? 100 years ago? Maybe even 50 years ago?
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We use water on a daily basis and some of us might not even notice how much we use. I know that in the winter everyone enjoys playing in the snow, or going up to the mountain to run the slopes. The Okanagan would've been a great destination because the weather varies from hot summers to cold winters.
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Living on the Water Side

Here in the Okanagan, living on the waters edge is a common desire, and because of that buying homes on the waterside is very expensive. If we go back 1500 years ago or even farther the most common thing in civilizations is that they're located by a water source.
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Transportation on the Water

We use water for transportation, importing food, medicine and anything you could buy at a store. 1000 years ago people in the Okanagan used the rivers and lakes to transport their trades. This Ferry can hold around 3,500 passengers and up to 40 vehicles.
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Water in our Everyday Lives

Our city's popularity is based on the climate and the water. The Okanagan Lake is perfect for boating, swimming and even fishing. 1,500 years ago, fishing in this lake would have been extremely important, with fish being a major food source.
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Sacred Waters

The Okanagan First Nations thought of the water as sacred and they used it in their ceremonies. They believed that the water kept the body, mind and spirits healthy and clean
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Body's Water

Our bodies are made up of around 60% water, so water is a big part of us. Our skin absorbs it, we drink it, clean with it, play in it and usually use it everyday the moment we wake up.
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Saving Nature

The Okanagan is filled with orchards, vineyards and farms where we grow our produce. Some people may even have one in their own backyard. So you could say that watering our plants and our produce is a main source of water consumption.
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Summer Fun

I know this isn't really an important demand of water, but it is a way that we use it. In those hot months of our year, the beaches fill with people swimming, boating, water skiing and anything else you can think of. That's another way we use water.
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Fire Fighters Friend

Because of those hot months, we do get a few forest fires every now and then, but lucky for us, we have a few large lakes for the bomber planes to fill up with. We rely on the water to put out fires and save people before it's too late.

The picture above is of a bomber plane flying down to fill up on the Okanagan Lake to help put out the Shannon Lake Fire

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Water in your own Backyard

Another high demand on our water is the water we use in our backyards. Back 2000 years ago i don't think that people had water systems in their backyard. But most of us now have sprinkler systems, hot-tubes and maybe even a pool right outside your house.
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How Have the Demands Changed

I think that our demands on our local water has changed. We use water more and more each day without even knowing it. Some may say that we are wasting it. 2000 years ago, the First Nations of the Okanagan would not have misused water as much as we do with our indoor appliances and our outdoor sprinkler systems. I do however think that if we stay on the course we are on now, our water won't be good for us to use anymore. So yes i would say that the demands on our local water has changed a lot from around 2000 years ago.