Freshman Year... By Albert Saucedo

Ms. Halusek - English 1 - 5 May 2016


In this presentation I am going to be discussing my experiences throughout my freshman year, that I will carry on throughout my high school years.


Throughout my freshman year I learned that if I want to be successful in life that I must work hard for a few years and get my education because if I don't I will regret it in the future.


Oedipus Rex is about a place, "Thebes", and is struck by a plague, king Oedipus is to help the people of his land. At the end of the story, Oedipus (my favorite part) gets banished forever from his kingdom and rips his own eyeballs out from his own head and he also figures out that he has been married to his own mother the whole time and was too blind to see it. In the text it says " was my fate that I would marry my own mother and shed my father’s blood with my own hands.", thus showing that it was his fate to marry his own mother.

- I learned that you must look at little details in life otherwise you wont be able to see whats coming at you. This impacted the way I think because I try to look at small details now.

Goal 1

I can employ proper MLA format.

- Because if I have this skill then I can write and or type a proper essay in the nearer future.

Goal 2

I can support an argument effectively with examples from text.

- If I have this skill then my essays in the future will be amazing when it comes to quotes and arguments from the opposing side along with my side.

Essential Question

What rights should all humans be guaranteed?

All humans should be guaranteed the right to live in freedom.

A quote from the text to help my essential question to become valid would be from Night, by Elie Wiesel. It connects to my essential question because they didn't have freedom and some were killed, leading to the right to live. In the text of Night it says "for the first time in history, Jews were not only killed twice but denied burial in cemetery.", thus showing that Jews not only didn't have the right to live but were also being denied burial in a cemetery.

- This quote shows that I can find examples in text and use examples from the story to backup my argument.


I have grown as an individual throughout my first year of high school because I learned a lot of things in math and in English class, for example MLA format, and this will all help me in the future.


I would say that this year has helped me a ton, to prepare myself for sophomore year and beyond that in my later life, and I couldn't do it without the help of my wonderful teachers to keep me going.

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