A Guide to Bunburying

The only way to officially become a Bunburyist

What is Bunburying?

Bunburying is the act of creating a fictional character, or a new identity, in a different location for the purpose of getting out a situation in order to go enjoy pleasurable activities instead.

Reasons to Bunbury

Bunburying is not an easy task. There are plenty of steps you must take first in order to officially become a Bunburyist. The first thing you must do is identify the reason you want to Bunbury. Here are a couple.

1.) To get out of a hard job/situation

2.) To have fun

3.) For the excitement/rush

4.) Etc...

The Steps to Bunbury

Step One


There are plenty of materials you must have in order to Bunbury. They are all essential and you must understand why.

1.) New clothes/disguise

  • A new disguise will not bring any suspicion between you and your second identity. It will change your appearance completely, allowing there to be a huge difference between the two.

2.) A journal/planner (Optional)

  • Having a journal or planner will help you in many ways. You can keep track of all the things you have done or information that has been given to you in each identity. It is very handy in Bunburying.

3.) An excuse

  • This is not necessarily a material, but it is also essential. If by any chance you get caught, you have to have a good excuse as to explain why the person that caught you is wrong, or why you are doing it.

4.) An alibi

  • This is also not necessarily a material, but you need it. Having an alibi will allow you to get pass anyone that has a question about where you have been during a confusion or what you were doing.

5.) A good amount of money

  • Having a good amount of money will allow you to do much more with your second identity and become an even better Bunburyist. It will allow you to bribe or buy anything you must have in a time of need. Just in case.

Step Two


The second step to Bunburying is making sure you have security. This has to be the most important step. If you fail at this, there is no chance of you becoming a Bunburyist. This step must be taken seriously and must be done carefully.

1.) Create a new number

  • Having a different number will not intertwine the new identity you form with your real identity. Be sure you know the difference between the two because you cannot get them confused when a call comes in. They must be separate and remain that way.

2.) Get a new address

  • A new address will allow you to receive mail in both identities without confusion. Also, people would suspect something if your second identity is the same address as your real identity.

3.) Have a new/different dress code

  • Again, it will allow bring down any suspicion between you and your second identity. You will have a less chance of getting caught.

4.) Make a new name

  • A new name is obviously needed when creating a new identity. It will make your second identity and actual person, but not with a real, born name.

Step Three


There are plenty of things you must do in order to not get into trouble by having two identities. You must be extra careful if you want to become a Bunburyist. These are just a couple of things you can do to prevent from getting into trouble.

1.) Don't get caught

  • It may seem pretty obvious but it is vital. This little warning can ruin everything if not followed. It is pretty straight forward.

2.) Have a planner/notebook

  • It was already covered, but it is a very useful tool. It will help a lot and you won't have to remember or confuse anything if you just right it down.

3.) Stay cautious

  • You have to stay alert at all times. You never know when someone could suspect something and keep an eye on you. Be careful.

4.) Don't get too famous (Keep it low)

  • Keeping it on the low down will get you into little to no trouble at all. Don't get carried away and stay down. It will make it a lot easier on you.



  • Get Caught
  • Forget to change out of disguise
  • Mix the numbers/address
  • Forget which identity received what information
  • Forget phone/planner

Possible Solutions

  • It was a prank
  • Information gets passed on quickly (Gossip)
  • Lie (A reasonable one based on the situation)
  • Run away
  • Forget about your second identity