McRaven Speech

By:Cade Cassady

Start off by making your bed

This is a huge a point of emphasis. This means that by starting off a day easy,gets you off to a great start to a great day. This is a very simple task to start a day. This is the best way to start a day because you have already achieved something in the day.

Dont back from the sharks

In this part of the speech Admiral references the sharks to challenges in life. When you have a challenge in life you take it head on. You never back down from the challenges you need to face they are never going away so you engade all your strength then punch the challenge right in the nose.

Dont ever ring the bell

Never ring the bell, the bell signifies that you have gave up.The bell is what you ring when you are done you cant handle another second,thats when you ring the bell but you can always continue so then you never give up so never ring the bell.

Find someone to help you padle.....

In life you cant succeed alone. If you run into a problem you can always ask for help. There is people out there to help paddle through the roughest waters and never give up because you always will have help