Summer Reading!!(Brittney Bendik)

Salem's Lot


Salem's Lot was a story about a young man named Ben Mears, who was a writer. Ben goes to a place called Jeruaslem's Lot which is a small town in Maine. When he was a child he use to live in this town. He is now going back to write his book, however, there was a house in his town that people called the "marsten house" which was avoided at all times due to a man murdering his wife there. Ben tries to purchase this house but someone else is already living in it so he settles for a house across the street. later on Ben finds out that some guy named barlow is a vampire so a bunch of people get together to stop all the vampires and everyone dies.

THE PEOPLE v v v v v v


I would definitely re-read this book and actually read it next time. From the research i did it sounds like a really good book AND its by Stephen King so it has to be good.....right? :D