The Electric Eel

A Ferocious Electric Monster

An Introduction

The Electric Eel is an Electric Fish. It is a great predator in the South-American Range. it is mostly found in the Amazon and Orinoco River. It is recognized as an eel, although it is rather a Knifefish. Its Binomial name is Electrophorus Electricus. The body can reach a length of 6 feet or 2 meters.



The adult Electric Eel can eat small fish. To hunt, it uses its electricity to paralyze the prey. The Eel can produce a voltage as high as 600V. The prey is stunned and dies. Then the Knifefish can fill his belly. The Electric Eel has organs which contain electrocytes. When the prey in reach, the brain sends messages to the organs which create the Electricity.

Why does it use Electricity?

In the South-American Rivers, the water is muddy and vision is restricted for all of the marine organisms. The Electric Eel cannot spot its preys with its eyes. So, it senses the heart beats and muscle movements to find its dinner. When the prey is in reach, the Eel produces an Electric Field to kill it.


During the Dry Season, the male Electric Eel will produce a nest with its saliva. Then the female will lay eggs. When the time is right, the eggs will hatch. A nest can hold up to 3000 eggs!

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