New Mexico

Nathyn and Seth

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In New Mexico people like to make poetry, and they like to weave. They make crafts for festivals called fiestas. Fiestas also have music and dances. In New Mexico they have lots of festivals. One of those festivals is a Native American harvest. They have young Native Americans dancers that dance for the festivals.
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People started living in New Mexico thousands of years ago. Navajo and Apache Indians settled in the year 1500. New Mexico became a state in 1912. It is the 47th state. It's nickname is the land of Enchantment. There state song is o fair New Mexico. These people are important to New Mexico: Dennis Chaves is a representative for New Mexico. He was senator from 1931-1935. He was born in 1888 and died in 1962. Ann Nolan clark was the author of secret of the Andes and Native American stories. She was born in Las Vegas.
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The landforms in New Mexico include rivers, planes, mountains, and the Continental Divide. The Canadian River runs through the South. Rio Grande River runs through the middle of the state. The Great Plaines cover a third of New Mexico. New Mexico has the highest Plaines Region. Did you know that there are middy small mountain Ranges? The two major landforms are the Rocky Mountains and the Colorado Plateau. Did you know that the Continental Divide zig-zags through New Mexico? The Continental Divide is a Region of high grounds.
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Fun Facts

Did you know that New Mexico has 6 state things? Did you know New Mexico has state grass? The grass is called blue Grama. They also have a state tree called the Pinoh. There state insect is a Tarantula hawk wasp. The state animal is a black bear and the state cookie is a Bischito.