POHW After Poster

by Tyler Hatfield

1) Hollis' Out Look On Life

In the beginning Hollis is sad and lonely after running away from several foster homes. In the end, she is happy to be part of the Reagan family. Located on page: 166 "So there was five of us now: a mother a father, a brother, and two sisters.

2) She lived with the Reagens near the end.

She eventually found Steven and he brought them back to the Reagens and it turns out she decided to live there. Pg: 162 "Do you think I can come home?"

3) In the end Hollis is regretting to eat Izzy's hard candy.

Hollis does not want to eat the heard candy anymore because she thinks its her fault that Steven and Old man fight. Pg: 139 "Take them take anything you want I've always wanted a daughter.

4) In the end Hollis starts to trust people.

Hollis Begins to start trusting people because of Josie and the Reagens help. Theirs a few pages but this one is when she trust Steven enough to say it. Pg:158 "It was my fault.:

5) Stephen is fully Healed In the end. As he use to be Hurt.

Stephen near the end is fully healed because hes been sneaking around helping Hollis and Josie which he also rides around in a snowmobile. So we can infer hes healed. Pg:156 "I told pop but of course he did not listen."

6) In the end Hollis's wish came true!

In the end Hollis's W picture witch was her wish about getting a family became true. In the end Hollis got a family. The Reagen's. Some where she will most likely stay. Pg: 166 "So there was five of us now: a mother a father, a brother, and two sisters. A family."

7) In the end Hollis received a tree figure from Josie

In the end Josie gave Hollis a tree figure as a gift if Hollis stayed with Josie. Josie gave Hollis the tree figure as a Christmas gift. Page: 163 "I open up my eyes in the morning that and my tree figure."
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