Tornillo ISD

April 2023 District Updates

Dear TISD Learning Community,

We are at the final stretch of the 22-23 academic school year, with only 6 weeks left, there is still a lot that needs to be done to see that your child(ren) finishes strong and is ready for the new school year. Stay in the know by reading all district and campus correspondence as there are many events that you do not want to miss out. Please help your child stay on top of his/her grades, attendance, and behavior. Every parent has access to this information daily by logging in to the TISD Parent Portal provided to all parents at the beginning of the year. Stay in contact with your child's teacher and campus administration as to what they need from you to help your child(ren).

Thank you for your support, rvegab


EIE Policy:


Student Code of Conduct: In recent weeks the Jr. High school has been experiencing an increase of physical and verbal altercations amongst some female students. We ask parents that you please review the student code of conduct with your child as TISD will not be tolerating bullying nor any type of violation. Students will be administratively held accountable and in some cases are being processed by law enforcement.


Attendance should be least at 97% for each grade level.

PK - 93.93%

K - 94.41%

1st - 94.96%

2nd - 96.02%

3rd - 95.63%

4th - 96.32%

5th - 95.64%

6th - 96.27%

7th - 96.44%

8th - 95.01%

9th - 93.98%

10th - 94.74%

11th - 94.67%

12th - 94.19%

Overall Average Attendance by Campus:

HS: 94.41%

JHS: 95.82%

IS: 95.84%

ES: 95.07%

TISD Teacher & Employee Appreciation Week!

May 8th-12th

Show your appreciation to the amazing teaching staff and employees that make up Tornillo ISD next week! Our student body and this learning community is beyond blessed to have this group of dedicated workforce loving, serving, and caring for us!

Congratulations Western Tech/THS Class of 2023 Advanced Welding Students

2023-2024 Online Student Registration is Open!

Register now to secure your spot for special programming like Western Tech, Early College, and CTE Courses.

TISD is an Open Enrollment District!

You can register at any campus or online.

2023-2024 TISD Grade Level Consolidation


Thank you for the outpouring of support and working towards solution based recommendations. Thanks to the listening circles we have had at each of the campuses, calls, and emails, we have drafted a solution that will address parents concerns while ensuring that students will continue to be provided with the best programming by master teachers and staff. After state testing is over, each campus will be calling all parents and staff to take an open response survey not only on consolidation but how parents can help the district and their children moving forward in effort to improve student outcomes, attendance, and continue to provide advance academics with the resources we have.

Consolidation Update Based on Parent Feedback:

High School Campus: High School Remains 9th-12th

*Jr. High Campus: Intermediate 3rd-8th

*Intermediate Campus: Elementary PK-2nd

*With projected dropping enrollment, we expect to have a PK-8 Campus in 3 years

TISD Changing Lives One Community Project at a Time

Tornillo Learning Community, a little over 3 years, we submitted a grant needs application to TxDOT in effort to provide sidewalks to our community so that kids could walk and ride their bikes safely to and from school. The day is now here, and those sidewalks are going up. We hope you join us in this ribbon cutting ceremony!

El Paso County Begins Sidewalk Construction in Tornillo

EL PASO, TX – The El Paso County Transportation Planning & Engineering Division along with the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) have granted a Fund Project for sidewalk construction in the North and South areas of Tornillo. The newly funded project will construct a five-foot-wide sidewalk totaling 3.29 miles.

JOIN US for the groundbreaking ceremony that will be held at 9:00 a.m. on Thursday, April 27, at 138 3rd Street, Tornillo Texas, 79838.

The project will include ADA ramps, pavement markings, crosswalks, driveways and four solar illumination poles. The sidewalk will improve pedestrian safety, enhance access and mobility to schools and local business for the entire Tornillo community.

Sidewalks will be constructed along the following roads:

• Drake Street

• Old Mill Drive

• Los Coyotes Drive

• Cobb Avenue

• Florinda Drive

• Linda Drive

• Florella Drive

• 2nd Street

• 3rd Street

State Testing & Student Acceleration


We are in the middle of state testing. Please see take note of the dates your child(ren) will be testing. We expect to have student raw results by the end of May. At that time, any student that does not pass an exam will be required to attend summer school to complete the required state mandated 30 hours per subject not passed. Parents should expect a call from campus administration to set up a meeting to go over student acceleration plan. Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to reach out to your child's teacher/administrator. Here is some information on what House Bill 4545 requirements are: