Week of November 10th

News You Can Use

Monday - 11/10: Pre-K field trip to Daniel Stowe Botanical Gardens

Monday - 11/10: Lesson Plans due in Google Folder...drop in observations this week for all teachers. Is your "I Can" posted?

Tuesday - 11/11: National Holiday Veterans Day

Thursday - 11/13 Kindergarten @ Forest Heights-dental screening (15 min per class)

Friday - 11/14: PTO Student Store Grand Opening!

Monday - 11/17: Fire Evacuation

Tuesday - 11/18: Principal's Meeting Rice off campus

Wednesday - 11/19: Kia Outstanding Educator Awards @ Stuart W. Cramer High School @ 4:00 p.m.

Wednesday - 11/19: Staff Meeting @ 3pm

Thursday - 11/20: Cardinal of the Month Lunch

Wednesday - 11/26: Student Holiday/Teacher Annual Leave

Thursday - 11/27: Thanksgiving Holidays

Thursday - 12/4: Class, Club and Make-up Pictures


Duty is not optional.

Everyone should be on your assigned duty on time. We have had several people to show up when you get there. Please let this be a pleasant reminder that we are TEAM Cardinals and need to support each other and our students.

Thanks for correcting this immediately.

Teacher/Staff of the Month

Zinnie Sanders

Mrs. Sanders was our October Teacher of the Month. She is being recognized for her hard work with students, use of technology with new programs, and student growth. I would like to thank her for an exceptional month demonstrating the values and goals of FHES.

Mrs. Sanders received a certificate for a meal at Texas Roadhouse. mmmm-mmm...I hope it was good.

Happy Birthday

The Month of November

Denise Ijames' Birthday November 10th

Erin Gates' Birthday November 12th

Jaye Brackett's Birthday November 21th

Steve Smarr Birthday November 24th

MTSS and PLC Meetings

No Tuesday meetings because of Holiday - Look for after school meeting times.

Robin will be scheduling MTSS and PLC meetings with teams after school this week. We do not have time to loose. I was informed at my Principals meeting that all tier plans for failing students or students that entered the 2014-15 school year severely below grade level should be in place for the school year. Of course students that fall below at any point from here on out can be added.

So...did you give a possible retention letter? Does the student have a MTSS plan? If you answered Yes to the first question, then the answer to question two should/must be Yes.

This meeting date will take care of failures and more.

Schedules are so important.

  • Don't forget if you have an IEP meeting to check the calendar for coverage
  • If you need to reserve the mini computer lab see Summer Kelly
  • See the schedule if you are reserving the gym for 3-5 this is only during construction and bad weather days.
  • Staff Resource Folder in Google Drive has almost all if the schedules needed to be successful. Please let me know if something is missing.
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mCLASS Progress Monitoring

Have you made a schedule?

Do you know which children you will work with this week?

Where have you placed the PM in your instructional day?

How much time have you devoted to this practice?

Have questions don't wait ask now. We are entering into our 2nd quarter.

AMC Progress Monitoring

K-2 Teachers: We know that you are very busy but you should be progress monitoring in AMC also. PM documents can be found on the GCS Website.by clicking here.

Thanks Ladies

We only had three teachers to complete progress monitoring for the entire class for the 1st Semester. This means Blue, Green, Yellow and Red were progressed monitored on time and regularly as prescribed by Judge Manning. Meet the judge click here.




Check your box for a small treat for being on task.

Another standout teacher was Jennifer Maurer. She was great by organizing our science materials last week. She took on a multi-day task and knocked out a lot of work. Thanks you again. Jennifer received several jeans passes for her initiative to help get our school organized .


The copy center :

This is the area in the teacher workrooms (either up or downstairs) that you can leave your papers to be copied by Ms. Greenlee throughout the day. She will be responsible for making copies and placing them back in your box.

Please make sure that all details are marked on the Red Copy Order Form, Then place your originals and order into the plastic tray. Mrs. Greenlee is very happy to help, but please make sure that you are giving her ample time to make the copies. 24 hours is preferred.

Remember we are still making changes to better serve our customer

You will receive some updates in the coming days on phone calls, lunch time, recess, and other things that are important to all of us. See the teaser below...


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TEACHERS HELP our school and keep us Safe, Organized, Accountable and Responsible. . . . .S. O.A. R. with us!