Peter the Great

Amanda Tiscornia

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  • Curious- ex. Visited factories and art galleries, learned anatomy from a doctor and even had a dentist teach him how to pull teeth.
  • Determined- ex. wanted to make a modern country and that he did.
  • Powerful- ex. Transformed a country.


  • The foundation of the city of St Petersburg
  • Transformed Russia into the Russian Empire- became one of the most powerful states in Europe with a modern, efficient military
  • built the first real Russian navy


  • Brought all Russian institutions under his control including the Russian Orthodox Church.
  • Forced the haughty boyars, or landowning nobles, to serve the state in civilian or military positions.
  • Wanted to westernize- ex. after returning from the West, Peter stipulated that boyars shave their beards.
  • Largest standing army in Europe built a world-class navy from scratch and set out to extend Russian borders to the west and south.
  • Catherine the Great would achieve defeating the Ottoman Empire before the end of the century.