Steve McCurry

Afghan Girl

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Gula was an orphan during the Soviet Union bombing and was taking to the Nasir Bagh Camp. Her village was attacked by the Soviet helicopter in the early 1980's.Gula's photography was taken at the Nasir Bagh Camp in 1984. The photo was unknown for 17 years and ended up being "The most recognized photography". Although her name was not known, her picture was titled, "Afghan Girl". It appeared in the June 1985 cover of National geographic. The image of her face, with a red scarf draped loosely over her head and with her seagreen colored eyes became a symbol in the 1980's.


I personally love this photo! I feel like this has a lot of meaning behind it for the people during this time. In my mind i think this photo is super unique because of the colors that are used. I like how her eyes and scarf have a meaning behind the colors and how they are taken in the photo. If i could change something about this photo it would be the way she is looking. I love this picture but I think her eyes are creepy in a way. It would look a lot better if she was more natural looking. I think the photographer did a nice job capturing the person's personality. You can tell what the mood is just by looking at it and knowing the story behind it makes the picture even more fantastic.