4th Grade

Mrs. Burns, Mrs. Carlson & Mrs. Conley

Friday, January 29th, 2021

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Friendship Party

We will be doing our Friendship Party on Friday, February 12th. If students are interested in exchanging Valentines, they will need to bring one for everyone in the class. Those Valentines MUST be at school by Monday, February 8th in order to give them enough time to sit before we exchange and open them. All students must have a bag or can decorate their own Valentine box to bring their Valentines. If you have any questions, please let us know!

Reading Workshop

Readers are finishing up their LDG work for our Inquiry unit. Students have been working on keeping track of their thinking as they read as well as prompts for their LDG work. Our lessons have been focused on Main Idea and Supporting Details as well as the differences between Main Idea and Theme. Our new unit, starting on Monday, will be INVESTIGATION. We will be focusing on the elements of MYSTERY.

Language Workshop

Language Workshop learners have been learning about how inquiry can lead to action by reading about several different inventors/inventions and analyzing the information. Students have learned that when we learn about real people through informational text (narrative non-fiction, articles, and videos) that oftentimes we find more information if we read more than one source about that subject/person. Readers also found that different sources of information can have conflicting information, and then we look to a third source for clarification.

Language Workshop

Learners have been reading books for our Inquiry unit that highlight inventors and their inventions. This week, our focus was on female inventors. Students were surprised at the obstacles that these ladies had to overcome due to their gender and in some books, their race. We are looking forward to our INVESTIGATION unit, with a focus on MYSTERIES.

Writing Workshop

Students recently started our Infographics Writing Unit. We will be aligning graphics, technology, and writing!! An infographic is a visual image used to represent information or data. Infographics are becoming more and more popular as part of online content and also in books or magazines. Infographics can be very appealing to look at, easy to read, and also give the reader a lot of information about a topic. Ask your child what their topic is and what they have learned about infographics so far!! We will be starting mysteries after next week.

Math Workshop

Mathematicians have expanded their knowledge of fractions into adding and subtracting with them this week! They have recognized the rule of common denominators. When the denominators are the same, one either adds or subtracts the numerators. Next week mathematicians will move into adding and subtracting mixed numbers (a whole number AND a fraction). Continue to discuss fractions in your daily lives while eating pizza, cutting sub sandwiches or a cake! If you are recognizing your mathematician is having difficulties with knowing basic multiplication facts, make sure they are completing Matific every night for 15 minutes.

Digital Citizenship and Internet Safety

This week and next, we will complete a unit on Digital Citizenship and Internet Safety, where we will be completing lessons and then completing a project to show what we have learned. Look for pink letters that are coming home - these include some information for you and some activity ideas to extend the learning at school.

Social Studies/Science

Students have just finished a unit on Internet safety and how to be a good digital citizen. Lessons were supported with engaging activities that were geared towards our 4th graders regarding their technology use. Our hope is that students will use these lessons to help them to make good decisions when using technology.