10 Billion population project

By: Nicole I


if the world were to reach 10 billion first things to run out would be resources such as water, food, shelter, oil, natural gas,energy, and phosphorus. Second things would begin to turn for the worse. For example, land abuse is mostly likely to increase, loss in productivity, and conflict over obtaining new resources. Because of the amount of carbon dioxide emissions in the air we wouldn't be able to grow enough food, which would lead to famine. Lastly the biomes would die off because the more people there are, the more destroying of habitats, and polluting the ozone.

Effects on resources


Not only does the U.S use a lot of the world oil, but China uses more than the U.S and Japan combined. We use oil for transportation and if we continue to use it at the rate were going, there will soon be no more, so adding 3 billion more people to the worlds population would increase the rate of how much we already use.


The U.S houses less than 5 percent of the world population. The average person should own 4.4 acres of land to be able to live, but the average American uses 20 acres. If everyone in the world decided to live like the average American we would need at least 3 more earths. So if the world reach 10 billion the amount of acres a person would receive would have to be less than what an average person receives.

Food and Phosphorus: Since phosphate is already running low and because it a significant part of growing food if the population increases phosphate will decrease and soon there will be no more.

Water: water is already looking scarce and some places have none and if the population continues to increase we will have no choice but to limit water intake

Effect on Non-human species

If the population increased to 10 billion the non-human species would be effected. For example, the more people there are the more land that will be needed for them instead of animals, so there habitats will be ruined and could harm or worse kill them.

Effect on climate

The more people would mean more factories, cars and green houses, which produce a lot of pollution that causes global warming.

Effect on Biomes

Because of people most of the worlds biomes habitats have been polluted and destroyed by us. So if the population increased the more people to pollute the air and destroy land that are most biomes habitats.