Weekly Warrior

Volume 3 Issue 9 May 11, 2015

Important Dates

May 11th-SBDM 4:00 pm in library
May 11th-AP Biology & AP Music Theory Exam 8:00 am
May 12th-AP Government 8:00 am
May 13th-AP English Language 8:00 am/AP Statistics 12:00 pm
May 14th-Senior meeting in Auditorium 8:45 am
May 15th-Copies of Finals due to Evaluating Principal
May 15th-School Play during 4th block in the Auditorium
May 17th-Hall of Fame Banquet 2:00 pm First & Farmers downtown branch
May 18th-Awards Day 9th/10th 8:45 am, 11th 10:00 am, 12th 1:00 pm
May 19th-No School
May 20th-On Demand Test for 10th/11th grades--English Hallway
May 21st-Algebra 2 & Biology EOC 8:35 am

July 27 & 28, 2015--Summer Kagan PD dates have been set for SWHS. Please keep this in mind as you plan your summer!

Standardized Testing from a Growth Mindset Perspective

With high stakes testing, some students believe that the test tells them how smart they are. Students can come away from these tests thinking that they define them somehow - that the test tells them if they are a smart person or not.

Using this Growth Mindset Leader resource, we as teachers can have a growth mindset conversation with our students about standardized testing!

One example that we can use with students about growth mindset is the CERT/ACT data. CERT has uploaded our actual ACT scores into their program allowing our juniors to see what they made on the CERT mock exams, time spent practicing, and their actual ACT scores. A good conversation to have with students is about the fact that growth can be made on the ACT and other standardized testing as a result of practice, perseverance, and hard work. It is about knowing how to take the test efficiently, how to answer the question that is being asked, and knowing the material on the test. Students with a growth mindset understand that they can practice and prepare for testing and in the case of the ACT, retake it several times as they grow in confidence and skills.

Talking to Students about Testing

Link to PowerPoint presentation for classroom teachers/student discussion--www.mindsetworks.com
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Success With Higher Standards

Southwestern High School will strive to graduate every student college/career ready and prepared for the 21st century.