Stuffed Animals

Timmy Dietrich


Pandas are clearly the best animal there is. When they are stuffed animals they are even better. Why do I say that? Because I do and it is true.


Monkeys are also great animals. Real monkeys aren't the cutest, but stuffed monkeys? Adorable!


Yellow, fat, fun and lovable. FAT FAT FAT FAT FAT FAT FAT AND PROUD OF THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!That's Nukie for you!!


Cute, sensitive and fun-loving, Humphrey is the perfect friend for everyone!!!!!!!!!! NEVER EVER would she depart with her great friend Nukie :)


Gilbert is Maggie's best friend. He is shy, but loves to play games with anyone who will play with him.

The Build-a-Bears

Huggy, Cocunut and Bouncy the three friends! They are all plush, comfortable and fun to be around!

How to Make a Stuffed Animal