April 2019


We held our final two K.I.S.S. Luncheons for selected homerooms on Friday, March 8 and March 15, 2019. Our book fair was open during both luncheons and we were happy to see so many families at our school. Additionally, our PTO-sponsored movie night the evening of Friday, March 9 was a huge success. Thanks to our volunteers who served and ran the table during the luncheons, to Patty Richardson for planning and running the fair, and to Terri Carter and Jennifer Simmons for organizing the movie night.

During our PTO meeting held on March 27, 2019, seven students were chosen as school leaders for the month of February. Each of the students was nominated by a staff member for demonstrating one of the seven habits described in the book The 7 Habits of Happy Kids by Sean Covey. Each student demonstrated what a highly effective leader looks like. During the meeting, the selected students received a leadership T-shirt, a certificate, and a charm. Congratulations to the following students: Zainab B., Katelyn R., Isabelle M., Gavin F., Isaac R., Mason B., and Jace J.

Thank you from all of us for the support you continue to provide your children and our school!


State Testing – Third and Fourth Grade

Third and Fourth-grade students will take the Ohio State Test in English Language Arts and Math during the month of April. Please note that testing will begin at 9:30 AM sharp. If possible, please schedule appointments in the afternoon on these days.

Third Grade:

ELA Part 1 – April 15th

ELA Part 2 – April 16th

Math Part 1 – April 29th

Math Part 2 – April 30th

Fourth Grade:

ELA Part 1 – April 17th

ELA Part 2 – April 18th

Math Part 1 – May 2nd

Math Part 2 – May 3rd



Are you planning to move this summer? If so, and you have yet to inform the school office, please call the office at 614-548-1400.

Fee Reminder

A reminder to those who haven’t paid your student fees for the 2018-2019 school year, please do so as soon as possible. Here are the fees for each grade level:

Kindergarten - $19.00

First Grade - $17.00

Second Grade - $17.50

Third Grade - $22.00

Fourth Grade - $22.00

Family Math Night

Join us for Math & Science Night on Tuesday, April 2 from 6:00 - 7:30 pm. There will be math and science activities to be enjoyed by all, even a special visit from PHSN Team Physics.

Class List Preparation for 2018-2019

The Pickerington Elementary Staff would like to take this opportunity to explain the procedures that are followed for the placement of students into classrooms for the following school year. The process is actually ongoing throughout the year, as staff meets to review the needs of students. Student progress is reviewed, and interventions are implemented, so each child is provided with an opportunity to be successful.

As the year comes to a close, the classroom teacher is aware of the needs, academically, behaviorally and socially, of each individual child. When it comes time to place students into classrooms for the next school year, all of the previously mentioned needs of the student are reviewed and placement is made according to what is best for the student.

Factors which also affect the makeup of a classroom include:

· Students that are receiving special programming, such as speech, enrichment, special education services and intervention, are place according to teacher’s schedules.

· Each classroom has a mixture of students of all ability levels.

· Students who may not get along socially, are separated.

When preparing class lists, we also consider available input from parents. Therefore, if you have any specific placement concerns regarding your child, please complete a parent form. Forms will be posted on our website and will also be available in the school office. Keep in mind that parental input should focus on academic needs for your child in regard to placement into a classroom. May 10, 2019 is the deadline for returning the parental input form.


It’s almost time to put away those winter clothes and get out spring and summer attire. Before you get rid of clothing your child has outgrown, please consider donating it to the Pickerington Elementary clinic. We are in particular need of size 5-8 pants, especially sweats, athletic pants, and leggings. Also, please remember to return any clothing that your child has borrowed from the clinic.

Outside Recess

Spring has arrived! Children will be outside for recess in the remaining months of school, weather permitting. We use the following guidelines for allowing students to wear shorts to school:

· Students may wear shorts whenever parents feel that it is appropriate according to weather conditions.

· Clothes cannot be changed at school if the weather changes.

· Students are required to go outside during recess, weather permitting.

Important Dates

April 2

Math & Science Night

April 3

2-Hour Late Start

April 19

Good Friday - No School

April 22

Professional Development - No School

May 1

2-Hour Late Start

May 24

Last Day of School