Axhel Otero

Bucharest, Romania


It's Saturday 8:40p.m and my plane takes off in 5 minutes.I am ready to take a big nice nap and just sleep through my flight.Finally It's Sunday 12:35 and i am full of energy because the trip was 8 hours and 50 minutes so i slept for a long time.But now i have to go to my second flight wich will take off at 6:20 p.m.When i finally get out of the plane i can smell fresh food already.
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Where to Stay

Wow when i arrive at the hotel i am very tired and i just want to go to sleep.I am staying at the 5 star hotel named Radisson Blu it is located in Bucharest, Romania.the hotel is pretty big it has meeting rooms, indoor pool, outdoor pool, sauna, buffet room and a spa room.But the guest rooms are so cool the beds are amazing and views are breathtaking.

Day Time (Day 1)

Wow I had so mush fun exploring around Romania i went to a Water Park, it was very big there were so many people there i tried to go on all the ride's but i only got on 17 and i got a couple drinks at the Bar.Then i went paintballing at this amazing outdoor place they had wheels, forts, and tunnels.Then after that i went to a really cool amusement park they had so many rides but i only went on a little of them.As i got on a ride i met a couple people and they invited me to a party later that night at a club so i said yes.

Night Life (Day 1)

End Of The Day (Day 1)

At the end of the day I swam a little bit in the pool grabbed a bite at the buffet and got a relaxing massage at the spa. When I got to my room there were small chocolates on my pool so I ate them, took a quick shower and headed to sleep.

Morning (Day 2)

When I woke up I took a shower and headed down to the buffet table. I grabbed a bowl of beans and 2 eggs. The buffet room was full and there was only 1 seat not taken at a table with 2 beautiful girls. I ran over there and asked if I could sit next to them and they said yes. After that we started talking and I found out that One was 22 and another 21, Talia was the oldest and Penelope as the youngest.

Day Time (Day 2)

The girl's and I decided to go shopping first so we headed to the Baneasa Shopping Center. When we arrived you could see that there were a lot of cars there so it was hard to dind a parking spot. When we went inside you could see a lot of stores like H&M, Levi's (etc). After we finished shopping we headed to The National Museum Of Romanian History.When we walked through the door it was like we enterd a world that was 2000 year's ago. As we explored we noticed that there were diamond rings on a glass square. When the museum closed I really wanted to go hill climbing. When we arrived there was a very cold breeze so I kind of had second thoughts about this but Talia and Penelope were already climbing.

Night Life (Day 2)

After it got really dark Talia, Penelope and I changed into formal clothes and headed to the Bamboo night club. When the music started every body went crazy from skinny dipping in the pool to dancing on the bar counters and the girls and I were having the time of our life. Then it got a little too crazy that the girls and I decided too go outside for some air. But we never went back inside we just went home.

End Of The Day (Day 2)

When we got to the hotel Penelope and Talia went to there room. I was not in the mood to eat or do anything so I just went straight to my room. When I walked through the door I saw that my bed had been made. I did not even bother taking my pants off I just jumped on the bed and fell asleep.



About the Traveler

My name is Axhel Otero and i have 2 little sisters One is 6 year's old and her name is Brenda