Norwalk High School Library

December 2014

Books to Know About

Google Tool to Know About


This Google extension allows users to adjust the layout of web content prior to printing or saving. Users can take out advertisements, add or remove graphics, or even change the font size. This ensures optimum readability as well as the saving of paper. Content can be printed, shared via email, or saved directly to Google Drive. Visit the chrome web store to add this extension.

Web Tool to Know About


Moblab ( is a resource full of simulations that helps bring abstract concepts into reality for students. Moblab focuses on the social sciences (economics, political science, business, psychology), but they have additional simulations that cover a variety of subjects. Simulations and games can be customized, and results can be analyzed on the spot to help guide instruction. This is a free resource for teachers and students.

Other Information to Know About

"Library" by Scroobius Pip

Below is an animated version of Scroobius Pip's poem, "Library." This poem is a nice reminder of the many benefits of libraries. I just love it!
Scroobius Pip - Library (Animated Video)