Edwards plateau

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The ecosystem in the Edwards Plateau region has a climate of warm moist tempatures. Some beautiful natural features such as lake, river, canyons, sinkholes, and many aquifers also known as the Edwards aquifer, but the best natural feature is The Llano Uplift. The Llano Uplift is a circular geologic dome shaped crater in Edwards Plateau. Some city's in the Edwards Plateau region are Austin the Capitol of Texas, San Antonio home to the Alamo, San Angelo, And Del Rio.

Edwards plateau wildlife

Secure animal species

Some of the wildlife in the Edwards Plateau region are truly amazing, but some of these amazing creatures are going extinct. As animals ourselves we should protect our envirment and help out our natural resources and features. Here are some of these animals now.

Black capped Uriel , Texas wild rice, golden cheeked warbler , crayon mock orange , karst invertebrates braced twist flower, salamander , amphipod crustation, Sam Marcos Gumbusia, Gastropoda snails.

The braced twist flower🌺🌾

Habitat : the habitat is rocky and on hillsides the flower grows in the shade but sometimes it down' need shade to grow.

The niche is that the flower makes sugar from sunlight. The reason this plant is going distinct is because the deer eat them because they tast good.

Barton Springs Salamander🐉🐲🐸

Category: Reptile

Lives in springs near Austin and can live up to 15 ft below in water.

Pollution in the springs that they live in is the source to their disappearance. Another reason is because of predators such as fish, krawfish, and large water bugs.

Their diet usually consist of insects, and they sometimes resort to cannibalism.

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Map and cities 🌏

Here are the some of the cities in the Edwards plateau . Austin and San Antonio.

The rest are located on the map that will be located below this. Another cool part of this is some of these cities have land marks in them . Austin is the capital of Texas .

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Word bank

1. Edwards plateau is known for its thousands of ________________ and under ground __________.

2. Edwards plateau has quiet a few endangered species such as the ___________.

3. Edwards plateau has some endangered plants too such as the _________________.

4. Edwards plateau's elevations range is up to ____________________.

5. A bird with the appearance of a black cape is called the _____________.

6. Birds such as the ___________, and the ____________ are endeared here.

7. Some of Texas greatest cities are in this area such as ________,_________,and _________.

8. The _____________is a widespread species of flowering plant in the mallow family.

9._____________ _____________ migrate here.

10. This is also home to the most famous deer the _______________.