South v. North

its like the causes

what are the presidtnts

The South presdent was Jefferson Davis

The North pressedent was Aberham licon

The milatary leaders?

The souths milatary leader was robert e lee

the Norths milatary leader was Ulises s grant


the causes of the cival war

the Southern veiw.

The invition of the cotten gin,in 1793.THe demand of cotten was very profituble. It took way less time then the picking by hand. The economy came a big crop economy.

The North and Souths causes of the war were also because of the economy differances

The Northren veiw.

they had the growth abolitions movment. The South was just based on like a plantationsystem. The North was foceced on the city life.

The Norths economy was more likeon the indutryl than agurculture.

The North was more high teach with lights and real jobs stuff like that.


some of the advanteges to the South is...

They had out standing jennrals.They fought very good. They had lots of cotten to make profets.

The Norths advantigeswas...

They had Aberham Licon as thier presidrnt. They had many factories to make things an profet. The North had way more than the South.


the disadvanteges for the South was...

They had paper money that the would spend or make wich would be very low in the cost. They had low number of men. They were not good with their presdent.

The disedvanteges for the North was...

They had a week army of people. They had lots of land to portect. They did not have lot of army.

extra information

The Norths army of people had 2.i million in the hole army of the north

The South had 6 million in the hole army, so in that case they had way more than the North and a advantege.

The North had 23 states 22 millon people.

The South had 11 states and 9 million people and the South had slaves so they had 3.5 million slaves.

The cival war was the bloodiest war they have seen YET!!!