PASST Project Day 3

Reminder and Preparation

Reminder Part 1 - Recalling Accomplishments

After recording breaking cold and a few snow days here we are in March of 2015 approaching our 3rd day of the project. So, it's time to dust off the cobwebs and start to recall where we left off.

Recall what was accomplished during day 1:

  • Overview of PASST Project goal and the focus for this year
  • Reviewed types of items to be developed
  • Reviewed the 13 content expectations for item development
  • Began unpacking content expectations

Recall what was accomplished during day 2:

  • Studied depth of knowledge
  • Continued unpacking of expectations
  • A lot of discussion about content and item ideas

Preparation - Where We're Headed

Day 3

  • Update on MDE C3 Alignment Project and Impact on PASST Project
  • Review Potential Item Types
  • Finalize Unpacking and Writing Learning Targets
  • Write Items

Bring With

  • Hard copy resources you might need
  • Your own device; laptops provided if needed
  • Summative assessment with items previously aligned to 13 expectations


Thursday, March 5th, 8am-3pm

2413 W Maple Ave

Flint, MI

  • 102AB
  • Lunch Provided
  • Laptops and Internet access provided

RSVPs are enabled for this event.

Contact me with a any questions. See you Thursday!

Roy Sovis

Text or call: 810-516-5206


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