by Marisa and Sajjad

why we chose the Grasslands biome

The reason we chose to do the Grasslands is because We were more interested in the types of our grass,plants,animals and birds that live there

interesting facts

You can find the grassland biome in the Northern hemisphere. other names for Grasslands are prairies,steppes and Savannahs .

Grassland biomes are usually in between a forest and a desert .

when the settlers from America moved west they found that the grasslands more than just dry and flat areas it had more than 80 types of animals and more than 300 types of birds also more than hundreds of plants. below is a picture of where in the world you could find the Grassland biome.

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longitude and latitude

The most common place you'd find grasslands would be in Africa so we put the longitude and latitude of Africa below
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grasslands temperatures in winter can reach -40 degrees and in summer it can be as high as 70 degrees

what to find in grasslands

In the grasslands you would find a Bison,a Antelope,A zebra,lions and chetahs you'll see pictures of cheetahs,lions,bisons and antelopes below

plants that live there

The most common plant that lives there is the 'Big Bluestem Grass' {or turkey feet}. It has been given that name because the top of it looks like a turkeys foot.

what we learned

We learned what Bisons and Antelopes were also we learned that there is a type of Grass called 'Bigbluestem grass' or the turkey's foot

Thank you all for listening to our presentation on Grasslands

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