Title I Newsletter

December 2020

Important Dates

Dec 21 - Jan 1: Winter Break

Jan 6: Title I Contact Meeting 10 - 12

Jan 7 - Jan 29: i-Ready Diagnostic 2 Window

Jan 26: 2nd Quarter Compliance Bin Documentation Due

i-Ready Florida Standards Report

Did you know that i-Ready has a report that shows a student's performance on Florida Standards? The Florida Standards Performance report provides a high-level overview of your students’ likely understanding of grade-level standards, based on Diagnostic results. You can use the report to inform teacher-led instruction related to certain standards and as a starting point for understanding strengths and need of students in your class. Click the image to take you to the Cheat Sheet for the Standards Performance Report.

Engage Every Family: Quick Tip: Designing Opportunities for Families

"Most teachers design workshops and other experiences for parents and families to better help them understand student-learning expectations. More often then not, however, teachers design these events. The contents of the events are decided upon and controlled by teachers. To help the experience be more meaningful and relevant to families, solicit their input on their needs. Ask them what they need to know or want to know. Design opportunities based on family feedback. Attendance will start to climb, and support will start to improve." (pg. 140)



  • 60 minutes of online instruction a week
  • Students must log out of the program and close screen

The following teacher's manual will help teachers understand how to use the Dashboard and Reports to guide teachers in their goals of monitoring and helping their students as they learn to read with understanding.

Congratulations Ms. Stuckey

Riverside is proud to say that Mrs. Carolyn Stuckey is our 21-22 Teacher of the Year. Mrs. Stuckey has taught for 14 years in 1st, 3rd, 4th, and 5th grades. This year she has taken on the role of our Title I math remediation teacher and school contact. She is passionate for teaching and learning. Mrs. Stuckey truly cares about each of her students. She adapts to student’s individual differences and takes the needs of the students into account when preparing and teaching her lessons. She is always seeking new and innovative ways to teach math and is eager to share what she learns with others. She is a committed team player and is an important part of the successes at Riverside.

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