Felipe Diaz-Orozco-7

Physical Description

Now let me tell you Sodapops physical description. Soda is again a handsome guy like a movie star but he's not that tall. He is thin and has a nice sensitive face. He has dark-gold hair and it's long and straight. His eyes are dark brown that are sympathetic but can also get angry at any moment. He usually never drinks alcohol and does not get drunk from it.
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Sodapop is the character I chose for this project. Let me tell you his personality traits. So Sodapop they say is very handsome like a star. He is very relaxed and chill to be around and hang with. He is also understanding with situations and is the middle child. He is 16 years old and dropped out of high school. Sodapop is a greaser like all of his other friends and siblings. He does not like reading at all and he is always in a happy mood. Soda is also always trying to stay out of trouble but sometimes gets caught. All in all Sodapop is a nice guy.

Jobs and Hobbies

Next let me tell you Sodapops jobs and hobbies. He works at a gas station full time with his friend Steve. Soda usually likes to smoke and likes going to drag races. He also likes dancing and fixes cars. He also sometimes likes to start fights but does not like watching movies.

Prized Possessions

Sodapop does not have any prized possessions. The only thing he values really is his friends the greasers or brothers Ponyboy and Darry with love.

Relationship with Greasers

Sodapops relationship with the greasers is that his brothers are Ponyboy and Darry. His gang are the greasers which are the poor people who live in bad neighborhoods and always get jumped. His friends are Dally, Steve, Johnny, and Two-Bit. He always stands up for his friends/gang when needed.