Titan Glass Inc

History of the company & about the company

The company was started in 2006 when there was a record breaking of house break ins and robberies. The company is ran by grant halfway and has workshops around the United States for Titan glass. The company has become really large in the last few years.

Product name

Our product is Titan glass, Titan glass is a simple and easy way too make your windows reinforced. Titan glass is 30% titanium and 70% glass. This product is something you would want because it reduces house break ins or any safety hazard. Titan glass is available to buy in any hardware store along with other products.

Pricing & Guarantee & warranty

A can of totan glass costs about $10 dollars making your home safe at a low cost. There is a bulk deal for 30.00 You can get three cans. If somehow are product breaks you can get a refund with a new free can. No cost to you.


Found by Are local sellers about 95% of people prefer to get Titan glass than not.

National pride

Buying this product can stop robberies and break ins by a lot since its more of a struggle to break in with this great product. The glass looks as if its normal but wrong its Titan glass. Just by buying this product its one less house to worry about.