Public Relations Manager

Made By: Kaitlin Martin

What is a PR Manager?

They are responsible for maintaining a positive public image for their client base and generate press releases and programs to promote that image.

Where can a PR Manager call home?

Public Relations Managers need to be very mobile and ready to follow their client anywhere. When they aren't on the road with the client, they live at the office organizing presentations, meetings, and discussions.

Wanna Become a PR Manager?

Job available to any hardworking, bubbly person. A good personality is a key component in deciding whether or not a person should be a PR Manager. Talking to other people should be a natural ability and this person most likely cannot be shy.

Is This a Realistic Career?

Right now there are over 2500 jobs available in this category on They are available all across the nation, but the most popular ones are located in Las Vegas, New York, Atlanta, and Los Angeles. Almost all of the jobs pay more than $40,000.


There are currently not very many internships available in the United States. The strenuous travelling and movement of the job makes it difficult for a PR manager to be able to house an intern and that intern be able to learn anything.