Winning Independence

The American Revolutionary War

The War in the South

  • The British had captured many cities in the North including Philadelphia and New York City
  • They hoped to defeat the Americans in the South before French soldiers could arrive .
  • They also knew many Loyalists lived in the South and they hoped for Loyalist support
  • Savannah,Georgia was Britain's first target
  • On November 25,1778 about 3,500 soldiers landed near the town
  • Early in 1780 ,they moved north to Charles town ,later known as Charleston,South Carolina
  • Early in 1781 , Bendict Arnold a Continental General became a traitor and give the British plans to the American fort at West Point ,New York. But they discovered Arnold's plan.
  • General Nathanel Greene told his soldiers not to give up .He said "We fight,get beat,rise,and fight again.
  • American won at Cowpens,South Carolina.
  • The Americans and British fought a fierce battle at Guliford Courthouse in March 1781,but the British didn't win.

Victory at Yorktown

  • took place at Yorktown,Virginia ,1781
  • Both French and Continental soldiers marched south to surround