New President Wanted!

By:Emma Piscitelli

You Must Be:

  • At least 35 years old
  • Native born American Citizen
  • Living in the Unites States for at least 14 years

What Will the Position Entail???

Commander-in-Chief- All of the military departments are at your disposal. You would also be able to send in troops to foreign countries at anytime.

Economic Leader- You would deal with issues such as, the unemployment rate, inflation, taxes, and the government's budget every year.

Party Leader- You will be able to select your political party's national chairperson and help raise money and funds for your party.

Legislative Leader-As president, you would have the veto powers against bills. You would also be in charge of the legislative program and participate in the annual State of the Union Address.

Chief Executive:In charge of all of the cabinet departments. You would have to force of the law that does not have to be approved by Congress

Chief Diplomat:Directs foreign policy; make agreements with foreign leaders that are no approved by Congress

Head of State:Represents America; Living symbol of the US.

What are Some Benefits???

  • You would make $400, 000 per year
  • Extra money for travel
  • The use of Camp David, Cars, Planes, and Helicopters

IF INTERESTED CALL 1-800-000-0000