Andrew Foster

"The Father of Deaf Education in Africa"

Who is Andrew Foster?

Andrew Foster was born on June 26, 1925 in Alabama

His father was a coal miner

He attended public school until the age of 11

Andrew became deaf at this age after having spinal meningitis.

Educated history of Foster

Andrew attended The Alabama school for the negro Deaf in Talladega. After

seeking his calling of becoming a missionary to spread the word of Jesus. He then became the first African American to attended Galluadet University and was the first the graduate in 1954.

Fosters family

Andrew married a German deaf women named Berta and had 5 children.

Why was Foster important?

In 1957, Foster went to Africa and encountered cultures so oppressive of deaf people, parents often hid their deaf children at home or abandoned them. He was told no deaf children existed in Africa. He overcame an adversity that deaf children did live in Africa by visiting the country and discovering it himself.
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"In that day, the deaf will hear the word of the book." Isaiah 29:18

Missonary in progress

Andrew opened up 31 school for the deaf. Foster would not only teach deaf children how to sign but also the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Foster taught Sign Language so they could fulfill his favorite Bible verse, Isaiah 29:18.


Andrew Foster became the first African American to recieve an honorary degree from Gallaudet in 1970.

In 2004 Foster was named the "Father of Deaf Education in Africa."

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Death of Foster

Andrew later then died on December 3, 1987 in a plane crash traveling to Kenya. But because of him, all kinds of children use Sign Language all around Africa.

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