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Implementation: Flipped Learning

Flipped learning describes a reversal of traditional teaching, where students gain first exposure to new material in their own time, usually via reading or lecture videos, and then class time is used to do the harder work of assimilating that knowledge through a range of higher order thinking tasks. Sign up for this implementation trial and you will be among the first to use our brand new flipped learning recording studio.

Implementation: Schoology

Learn to use the Schoology platform to move your lesson content online and engage students with the host of tools available. See to create an account.

Innovation: eLearning Pioneers

Want to try something new with technology in your teaching? Sign up for eLearning Pioneers and lead the way!

Innovation: Agripreneurs

Take a lesson off - or two...

Spend time enjoying the amazing facilities we have at UAHS and then create learning activities that take place outside of the classroom, whichever subject you teach. You write the relief lesson, I'll take your class, while you get creative on site. We'll meet later to debrief your ideas and plan to take them forward.

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Professional Learning Faculty Workshops

Designing Learning for Gen Z

Gen Z is the most technologically saturated generation our world has ever seen. They are digitally transformed - seamlessly integrating technology into their everyday realities. They are globally focussed through the emergence of global pop culture, global brands, and a borderless virtual reality.

What does that mean for education? Hint: it's not about the technology.

Flip, Flop, Flap - Engaging Learners with the Flipped Classroom Model

Flip your classroom, flop back and enjoy the flap of increased engagement in class.

Give students the content to learn at home. Let them read something you've written, or listen to a recording you've made, or watch a video you've created. Or, if you haven't yet got to the stage of creating your own content-based materials. Use the textbook, ask students to watch something on YouTube, or listen to a podcast. In this workshop, we'll investigate the different options available for providing students with the content - and checking for understanding.

Of course, the real art of flipping learning is in creating the higher order thinking tasks for students to engage with in class. But we can talk about that in another workshop (see below).

Incorporating Higher Order Thinking

How can you meet the content requirements of the curriculum and create enough time for students to develop their higher order thinking skills? How can you create assignments that assess higher order thinking and not just memory? This workshop investigates the higher levels of Bloom's taxonomy and incorporates aspects of the Harvard Visible Thinking Routines. See

Project-Based Learning

Streamline and simplify your unit planning by creating Project-Based Learning opportunities for your students. For more information, see:

Differentiation & Task Redesign

Meet the individual needs of learners without creating individual lessons for every learner. It's all in the design...

Digital Fluencies & Digital Citizenship

What is the difference between Digital Literacy and Digital Fluency? And how does Digital Citizenship fit in? Explore teaching students how to journey through the digital world, from the concept of an idea, to research analysis, design, presentation and feedback. Not sure this workshop applies to your faculty? See You might just be surprised...

Social Media & Networking for Professional Development

Learn how to use social media and networking to your advantage. Stay up to date with all the latest thinking and research in education - almost without lifting a finger. Sounds good, doesn't it?

GAfE - Google Apps for Education

Everyone at the school has a Google Apps for Education account. Want to learn about how to get the most out of your account? Ask your faculty to book a GAfE workshop.

Tech Tool Challenge

Over the course of a semester, take part in an online challenge that will introduce you to a range of edtech tools to support your classroom practice. A new tool is introduced every two weeks and participants share their experiences, successes - and problems - with the online community.

The Tech Tool Challenge is hosted on Schoology. See to create your account.

Oh, and there are prizes...

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By the way - this poster is created on It's one of the tools you'll encounter if you sign up for the Tech Tool Challenge.