AHS Back to School!

Countdown to the start of the 2021-22 School Year!

Upcoming Events-At Armstrong High School

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For all students, you can also exchange your Chromebook and have your photo taken during the Great Armstrong Experience
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Wednesday Sept. 1st 2pm-7pm

  • All students and families welcome
  • Chromebook Exchange
  • Pick up a Chromebook if you haven't been issued one
  • Take your school picture
  • Activities Fair
  • School Tours
  • Cook out
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More information about the first day will be sent out at a later date

Get Ready for the School Year!

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AHS 2021-2022 Bell Schedule

Applications Open Lunch/Parking/ Late Start-Early Release

Schedules will be ready to view in Campus by Sept. 1st

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Schedule change Requests-Schedules will be ready to view on Campus the day of the Great Armstrong Experience

In rare instances, principals have the authority to make modifications to student schedules. Because registration directly influences the school's schedule, students will need to fulfill their requests unless the:

● student is misplaced in the class (determined by the teacher and/or counselor)

● student fails to meet prerequisites

● student with 13-14 credits elects to drop a course

● student needs adjustment due to enrollment in postsecondary options

● student has duplications, irresolvable schedule conflicts or a credit or course imbalance

Once the semester begins, changes are only made for the above reasons within the first five days. Students will have an opportunity to make changes prior to each semester.

Activities and Athletic Information

Seniors make sure to read this letter from administration as we look forward to this school year as you prepare for graduation.

Online Payment Information

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The Infinite Campus store is now open for online payments!

You can now pay for your Chromebook insurance payment and parking permit by using the Campus Store. Instructions can be found on the Robbinsdale Technology Page under Campus School Store (Payment Portal) section.

Transportation Information

If you do not receive a card in the mail before the first day of school, 1) you live within the walk zone of your attendance area school, 2) your child is attending a school in the district that is outside of your attendance area and is not a magnet school, or 3) you have a high school student who travels to and from school via independent means and you have opted out of district transportation. Only students who are eligible for bus transportation to the school they are attending will be able to ride the bus to that school.

For more information please visit the district website.

Transportation Information Tutorial


Main Office: 763.504.8800

Attendance: 763.504.8810

Mr. Erick Norby, Head Principal: Erick_Norby@rdale.org

Mr. Cameron Opel, Assistant Principal 9th Grade: Cameron_Opel@rdale.org

Ms. Krista Range, Assistant Principal, 10th Grade: Krista_Range@rdale.org

Mr. Robert Ware, Assistant Principal, 11th and 12th Grade: Robert_Ware@rdale.org

Mr. Larry Tate, Activities and Athletics Director, Larry_Tate@rdale.org


Mr. Antiwan Easley
Counselor (Grade 9: A-K)
763-504-8823 | Antiwan_Easley@rdale.org

Ms. Marilou Exner
Counselor (Grade 9: J-Z)
763-504-8837 | Marilou_Exner@rdale.org
Mr. Jamie Dukowitz
Counselor (Grade 10)
763-504-8824 | Jamie_Dukowitz@rdale.org
Ms. Melinda Vogel
Counselor (Grade 11)
763-504-8825 | Melinda_Vogel@rdale.org​​​​​​​
Ms. Arianna Crosby
Counselor (Grade 12)
763-504-8822 | Arianna_Crosby@rdale.org

Armstrong High School

School Hours 7:20 a.m.-2:10 p.m.

Attendance Line 763.504.8810