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APS Family Connections 1/6/2020

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Gratitude is in the Mail

Shane Cassida is our Assistant Superintendent and Executive Director of Auxiliary Services. His department handles the services that help make school possible--child nutrition, transportation, student support, and school safety. He is a kind professional who works tirelessly every day to make sure that our staff, students, and families are supported. This month Mr. Cassida received his doctorate and became Dr. Cassida. We are so thankful for his consistent advocacy for our school and his positive Cougar spirit! Please help us express some gratitude and congratulations to him this month. Send cards, artwork, and treats to:

Dr. Shane Cassida

85 Mountain Street

Asheville, NC 28801

I Am Every Good Thing

One Book, One School

This month's theme is new beginnings and healthy resolutions. Take some time to reflect on your own life journey. Consider a "stop and go" technique: What one thing will I stop doing that isn't beneficial? What one thing will I start doing (go) that will benefit me and my community?

Our students will be reading "I Am Every Good Thing" this month and reflecting on the strengths they bring to our community. At APS, we celebrate every student's identity and focus on how each individual belongs to our family and the "good things" they bring to our community. Make sure you take some time to tell your child(ren) what you appreciate about them and what talents/characteristics they share with your family. Belonging fosters a sense of purpose that encourages positive relationships and results in a higher rate of success for everyone. It is important that children know that their uniqueness is valued and celebrated by you.

Alfred Adler said, "...the primary need of every child is to feel a sense of belonging and significance. In fact, our children have such a strong desire to belong or feel significant that they sometimes do goofy things to achieve it."


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JANUARY DATES~~Read carefully for recent changes:

January 8th and January 15th will be asynchronous days. This means your child will still have school...just with no live meetings on this day. All work will be project based or on Seesaw. Teachers will give you all the instructions you need about how to complete work.

CHANGE: Montessori art packs, computers, and materials pick ups have been POSTPONED in response to recent increases in community spread of COVID. District safety team members and APS Leadership are working on a plan to distribute materials in the safest way possible. Please stay tuned for more details...

ACS Preschoolers are scheduled to return to campus on January 19th.

Montessori students are scheduled to return to campus on February 1. More information will be coming about the A/B schedule and what weeks your child will be on campus.

Please remember to continue to listen in for updates from the district for any changes.

NO SCHOOL on Monday, January 18th, for Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. We would like to encourage you to find a project at home that will benefit those in your community in memory of Dr. King on this day. Clean out a closet and donate unused coats and gloves to a nearby shelter, do yard work for your neighbors, pick up trash on your street (carefully and with an adult), make cards and treats for essential workers...what ideas do you have for making a difference where you live? There are many ways to give!

CHOOSE Healthy Choices in 2021

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Don't forget to view the Family Compact below. We are hoping to get a signed copy from each of you!

COVID-19 County Alert System

Check out this resource for up to date COVID-19 information specific to NC Counties.

Contacting the School during REMOTE Learning


Our school office is open on modified hours due to Covid restrictions in place, but we are not more than a phone call away. Our phones are forwarded to office staff and administrators working off site so that we won't miss your calls. You may hear a Google message when you call that asks you to say your name and why you are calling. This helps us get your phone call to the right staff member and avoids us spending time on telemarketing calls. Feel free to also leave voice mails with detailed information about your reason for calling.


Our staff can be emailed at any time with questions, concerns, or words of encouragement. Every staff member can be reached using this email format:

If you have items you need to drop off on campus, essential staff on site will not always be in the office and may not hear the doorbell. You may mail items to 441 Haywood Road, Asheville, NC 28806 OR you may contact the office staff to arrange for a day to drop something at the front door.

Please let us know if you or your family needs anything during this time of remote learning. We care about you and want to stay connected. If your address or phone number changes, let us know by emailing your child's teacher. He/She will pass the information to the office for you.