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March 20, 2016

In Case You Missed It:

Last week was a BUSY week for everyone. I so appreciate each of you for ensuring everything kept going and moving forward when Admin or teammates had to be in other places. I say it often and mean it always, "It takes a Village to raise a Stallion." I'm glad you all are in this village!

Wednesday was very exciting for the simple fact that SanLee and Lee County Schools were recognized by a national organization for doing great things for our students. Educators from NC and SC visited to see how we utilize AVID. It's very difficult to pull apart SanLee from AVID, because we have embraced it as best practices for all our students, and it permeates our school culture. AVID is how we have taken SanLee to the next level this year... from good to great. The visitors could have come in on Monday and back on Thursday or Friday and would have seen the same things in our classrooms. The only things we did different for them was to have snacks and added a few decorations. The instruction in the classroom, what they were looking for, was not changed or different because they were there.

A shout out goes to Ellen Duncan and her NJAHS for planning and implementing the dance Friday Night. We had about 200 Stallions spending time with their friends and making fun memories with their school family. Thank you to Pam Morris, Denise Green, Alice McIver, Drea Wright-Thompson,Bonnie Marshall, Zach Horner, Rodney and Morgan Bridges for coming and helping in whatever capacity was needed.

Ellen also took a group of students to regional Artalympics competition on Wednesday. They walked away with several ribbons and individual trophies. It was a great opportunity for our kids to shine. Our group had several parents come out to support the team, too. One is a former Art teacher and was pulled into help with judging at the event. We are very fortunate to have involved families.

East Lee and West Lee band and orchestra students came together with SanLee B&O students on Friday and Saturday for All County Band & Orchestra. Students worked together with invited guests to learn new music and put on a Saturday afternoon concert. It was an excellent experience for all involved. Thank you to Tyler Spaulding for coordinating and hosting this event, Courtney jordan and Andrea Streb for relocating their PE classes on Friday, and Janet McKay and the Cafeteria Team for providing lunches on Friday for all the guests.

Bonnie Marshall took the Science Olympiad Team to Campbell University for regional competition on Saturday. Our kids earned two 2nd places, two 5th places, and five 7th places. Thank you to Bonnie for all the time she has spent working with these students to prepare for this yearly event.

Lee County Young Commissioners came to speak with a group of thirty 8th graders on Friday about summer leadership opportunities available. Applications are due back to LCYC by April 1st. I believe there is a teacher recommendation portion. If a student ask you to fill this out, please make sure to get this in ASAP. I have asked for an extension of the deadline since we will be on break the majority of the time. We will get that word out if it is changed.

Nejla deLambert asked me to tell everyone thank you for the calls, texts, prayers, and good vibes. Both Chris and Mlynn are doing well. Now it's time for them all to get some rest. Nejla is expected to return on Monday, April 4.

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Coming Up:

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Mark you calendars:

Monday: Leadership Team 3pm in PLC room, Home volleyball & baseball game vs Southern MS

Tuesday: Math Power Hour, Home soccer game vs. West Pine

Wednesday: Fit Fest all day at SLHS, Science Power Hour, Math/Science/ELA district meetings, 3rd Q Ends

Thursday: 12:15 dismissal for students

Friday: First day of Spring Break

*Bonnie needs to meet with AIG Team, but with all the after school tutoring is having a hard time coordinating a time. Meeting date/time TBD ASAP.

3rd Benchmark Window: Wednesday, April 6 - Friday, April 15.

(ELA, Math, and 8th grade Science)

No other testing may go on during this window.

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