Local Greasers Made Heroes!

Children stuck in a burning church were just saved by hoods.

The Greasers Gallant Rescue.

Dallas Wiston, Ponyboy Curtis, and Johnny Cade are all local greasers who managed to save multiple children that were on a feild trip fro a burning church. All the children were saved but Johnny Cade was caught by a falling peice of timber. He could have died if it was not for Dallas Winstons save. The boys however have lived a poor lifestyle. With little or no family and the odds against them the greasers have managed to stick together and pull through it all. In the end it gave them their determination to save school children from a burning church.

The afterburn.

Even though they were heroes, their lives have hood all over them. Dallas Winston is a criminal with quite the reputation, he is accounted for numerous robberies and vandalism. Johnny Cade isnt off the hook either. He is guity of murder toward Bob, but Ponyboy isnt as bad as the two. He did however helped Johnny leave town after the murder. Although they may be hoods they are still heroes. Giving their own lives to save others. I feel they should be let off, for they did save children from a fire and multiple witnesses say Johnny fought Bob in an act of self defense. Johnny is currently in the hospital with fatal injuries along with Dallas. Ponyboy is back in the arms of his two loving brothers, Sodapop and Darry Curtis, but for how long. The court is currently deciding on whether to take Soda and Pony to a foster home. I do hope however that they will soon be reunited. That is all for the Greasers gallant rescue.