Top 5 Developments Of Agriculture

The crucial developments to the creation of civilization

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5) Trade

Trade wouldn't have been necessary if tribes had successfully grown their own natural resources without problem. Without trade tribes wouldn't have survived due to the lack of knowledge on herding farms, building tools, and growing crops. Each civilization resources from other civilizations didn’t have, therefore tarde came in to give both communities what they need in order for them to thrive.

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4) Composite Tools

Could you imagine world without the basic building block tools that we use to write and build the very foundation our civilization evolved into today? Tools increased efficiency of manual labor and allowed us to do things we couldn’t do before. Such as hunting, farming, building, and eventually getting us iron.

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3) Government

We need a society with rules, because without rules life we’d live in an absolute time of anarchy with everyone committing violent acts. Thankfully the creation government shaped the very way we live today by rules and and organized way of life. The creation of government caused many changes in growing settlements such as replacing rule by elders with rule of central authority, by state. That means then the central authority whether elected king or officials were then able to organize societies from a group of people into a community, into a functioning town and organizing events.
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2) Writing

The development of the written language is one of the most vital contribution to the rise of civilization, because it's crucial to the effectively communicating information to large amounts of people, and record it as well. It’s basic fact that you needs recorded events to make human life thrive; “if you don’t learn from the past you’re doomed to repeat it.” Also even keeping written records of food supplies keep everything like quantity in check.

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1) Agriculture

Agriculture is number one on the list because it stabilized civilizations with a steady supply of food. Agriculture also made civilizations self-sufficient and it allowed them to move away from nomadism and become sedentary civilizations. It also allowed for specialized jobs because of a surplus of food, so not everyone needed to be farmers.