Challenges of early presidents

Why was it so challenging to be a president of the early US?

International Relations

The french revolutionary war against Britain was a huge problem for the president. The president had to choose what side to be on. Eventually, he chose the French because we had a treaty with them during our revolutionary war.

Around the World

Most of our problems with other countries were from Great Britain and France. The French thought that they should pillage our ships because we agreed to kick the British out of the Ohio valley. Our main problem with Great Britain was that they were Impressing our soldiers, or forcing our people to fight for them.

Our Own Problems Back Home

What Would the President Do?

They were Frequently Asking Questions

There were many questions asked by the American people. Questions like, "Who would the presidents advisers?" and, "What was the president supposed to do all day?" These questions were answered b Washington the best he could, but they were tough. No one had asked these questions. And the constitution wasn't a very big help, It only gave general outlines of what the president should do.