Dream vacation By:ThomasG

What is my dream vacation and where is my destination located?

My dream vacation is going to Brazil in south america and Brazil is the largest country in south america. And because the soccer is played there a lot and where the biggest soccer games are at.

Why do I want to visit Brazil?

It has the biggest soccer games in the world and because I want to see one game that Brazil will beat their buts at because they are the best soccer teams in the world and they are the best team ever.

What makes my destination so great?

The reason why is because the soccer games are the best there and the team beats the other soccer team suckes because they are bad at soccer and Brazil wins the game most of the time.

10 interesting facts about Brazil

  • play soccer
  • gliding
  • carnival
  • dancing
  • tourist
  • swimming
  • fishing
  • scuba diving
  • parachuting

How long will it take to get to my destination?

8 hours and 30 min

How far away is it?

3,998 miles and 6434 km

How will I get there?

I will get to Brazil by plane because it is faster and for me.

How long will I stay?

I will stay for one week and two days.

Who will I take with me?

I will take my uncle, ant,cousin,mom,sister and grandpa.

Where will I stay?

maasis hotel

Information about the place I will stay at?

by the beach, indoor pool, pool

What will I need to pack?

clothes, goggles,swimming shorts, toothbrush,toothpaste, deodorant


soccer, gliding, and dancing