Tusunami Tokyo Japan 2011

Is Your City Safe!!! By: Jackson Legere 7-3

How a Tsunami Starts

 A tsunami starts from when an ocean earthquake begins. It’s a large eruption that’s been hidden in the ocean for decades or even longer, it works just like a normal earthquake.
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The Tokyo Disaster

 At Tokyo Japan 2011 an earthquake in the bottom of the ocean occurred it was a 3.11 with a magnitude of 9.03 causing tsunami waves up to 40.5 metres high heading straight for Japan! The tsunami destroyed 129,225 buildings and houses also injured 6,143 people and last but not least it killed 15,883 people, do you want any of those people to be your children?
Strong Earthquake - Tsunami Strike Japan
First Video from inside the Tsunami Tokyo Japan an 8.9 Magnitude earthquake 143 Dies 11 of March

The Aftermath

  After the tsunami Japan has experienced over 1000 aftershocks. After hearing about the horrible tragedy in Japan I still want to find a way to help because right now there are people in Japan still without homes. So Please donate for Japan and don't stop there the more you  help there is always a child somewhere in the world thanking you. 
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