Raymond's Run

By Toni Bambara Created by Gage Mynar

The Plot and Theme

The story is about this young girl who goes by the nickname "Squeaky". She is a very good runner. Actually the best runner in town. Everyone knows about her. It's her reputation. Another one of her reputations is to stand up to anybody. Now another thing is her brother is Raymond. He's her older brother but everyone tends to think he's her younger brother since he has down syndrome and she takes care of him. Right now she doing her breathing exercises before she starts the "May-Day Marathon". She runs into a new girl who's racing too. She doesn't like her. After having some conflict with each other saying who will beat who, she goes away and Squeaky practices the rest of her breathing exercises. Later on they both are at the marathon. As the race started Squeaky looked over and saw Raymond. She finished the race but she was focused on Raymond. She thought about his life, like what he was to be in the future, what his goals were or if he should be a runner since he happens to be fast too. She realized how important he was now and she loved him. When he came down she hugged him and they celebrated and her enemy came over and congradulated her.

How I felt