Shark Bay

The beautiful treasure of Australia

Where is Shark Bay?

Shark Bay is located in Australia.It is located in the Western side of Australia.

What animals live there?

There are animals that live in Shark Bay.These animals are the Boodie or burrowing Bettong, the Rufous Hare Wallaby , and the western bare Bandicoot, and the shark bay mouse. These animals all live in Shark Bay.

Who Named It?

A person named William Dampier named it in 1966.

General info and why it was put on the list

Shark Bay was put on the list in 1991. It was listed because of the beautiful wildlife that lives there. It has stromatilities. they are nicknamed the living fossil because they lived so long ago. They are special because they only live in hyper saline water.That means can only live in extremely salty water.Not a lot of patches of water are that salty.Also Dugongs live there. They are endangered too. They are known as the sea cow