How To Write Dialogue

Teaching you how to write dialogue one step at a time!

What is dialogue?

Okay so dialogue is when two people in a story are talking back and forth and, I am here to explain to you how to write dialogue.


Commas go before a dialogue tag, which is what indicates who is speaking at what time, the comma goes after the thing the person say inside the quotation marks.

If a dialogue tag is before the dialogue a period goes after the person is done speaking.

"Quotation Marks"

Using quotation marks can be a little tricky but what you do is when a person starts talking you put quotation marks at the beginning of their sentence and once they've stopped talking you close that set of quotation marks.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What do I do when a new person starts talking?

Okay so to answer this question every time a new person starts talking you make a new paragraph.

2. How do I use quotation marks for a person who is quoting someone else?

To use quotation marks for someone quoting someone else you would use the double quotation marks first, hit the space bar and hit the single quotation mark which is the apostrophe type the quote and then hit the apostrophe button again hit the space bar and then use the double quotes.