Marion Jones

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" The fastest woman in the world "

Marion Jones was a champion in Track and Field, she won 5 medals in The 2000 Summer Olympics, but forfeited all medals and prizes back in September 2000 after her confession on October 2007, saying she took performance-enhancing drugs as far back as the 2000 Summer Olympics, and that she had lied about it to the grand jury.

More about steroids


- improves athletic ability

- allows athletes to lose weight

- improves muscular strength and performance

- gives muscles more oxygen

- increases muscle mass

- increase visual appearance

- increases strength ability

* All of the above are temporary *

  • Loses:

    - possible organ damage

    - increased chance of liver cancer

    - hormonal changes

    - greater risks of Hepatitis B and C

    - increased risk of tearing tendons

    - increased breast size for men

    - increased facial hair for women

    - if taken at a young age growth is stunted

    - can damage veins

    - can be suspended from games, and even expelled from the league

    Long Term Use Leads To:

    - death

    - balding and hair loss

    - aggression and depression

    - vomiting

    - high blood pressure

    - aching joints

    - liver damage

    - urinary trouble

    - heart disease

    - cancer

    Marion Jones interview after the prison


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    Other PED's

    There are a lot more Performance Enhancement Drugs out there other than Steroids:

    Stimulants: Enhances focus, energy and aggression, allowing the body to preform optimally. Some examples include Caffeine, Amphetamine and Methamphetamine.

    Painkillers: Lessens pain, sometimes raises blood pressure and increases oxygen supply to muscle cells. Some examples include various Narcotics and NSAID's.

    Sedatives and Anxiolytics: Used in sports that require steady hands and good aim, archery for example. Also helps overcome nervousness and discomfort. Common examples are Ethanol, Cannabis, Propranolol, and Diazepam.

    Diuretics: This helps athletes loose weight by flushing water out of their body so they can meet weight restrictions, like wrestlers. A few examples are Thiazides, Carbonic anhydrase inhibitors and High ceiling/loop diuretics.

    Blood Boosters: Increases the oxygen-carrying capacity of blood beyond the natural capacity, these are mostly used in endurance sports like cycling. The most popular Blood Booster are EPOs.

    Masking Drugs: This is a drug that basically masks the detection of previously used drugs. The most common drug used for this is Epitestosterone that has no effect, except restoring the Testosterone/Epitestosterone ratio.