Impact Cordless Drills - The Fastening Tool for Superman

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The cordless impact driver came into the market not too long ago. And cabinet makers soon noticed how nice this new class of tool was. It looked like a small cordless drill, except that it didn't have a 3-prong jaw. Instead, it had a hex-socket head that accepted screw bits. Once it's demonstrated how fast and easy this little power tool could sink one long screw after another to build a cabinet in record time, the game had changed. A new favorite was born.

Prior to this the cordless drills have been a popular tool for some time. Before they existed, people used corded drill and hand screwdriver to build simple projects like pine-board bookshelf. It was kind of tedious because you must be mindful of the power cords which may trip or tangle up. When you pulled the trigger, the corded tool's torque power would surge. So care must be taken to avoid damaging the work. All this was changed when the cordless drill became available. A nice one from Panasonic had features like clutch setting, soft start, variable-power trigger. It was hard to go back to the corded ones again. Find more info fastening

The impact driver, or sometimes called the impact cordless drill, packs tremendous amount of torque into a very small body. That high torque, together with its unique impacting action while the motor is turning, makes this tool highly efficient in driving long screws. Normally when we use a 1.5" or longer screw we need to pre-drill a hole in the wood. If there's no pre-drilled pilot hole you'd have to add some elbow grease and push hard on the tool to sink the screw in on its last quarter of an inch way home.

The impact driver saves that one step of creating pilot holes and avoids sore muscle from hard pushing. That makes a big difference for jobs that involve lots of screws. And it is so light weight that it seems like a perfect tool. Well, a good tool is not cheap. This one is costly. It is definitely for the professionals, or some really serious DIY hobbyists.