By: Jessica and Mackenzie


There are lots of methods of communication in Jordan. There are newspapers, mainly in Arabic, but also in English. Another method is the Jordan radio and television, and it is operated by the government. It is in English, French and Arabic. Their transportation includes highways to the neighbor countries. Their port, Al Aqabah, helps them ship cargo across the Dead Sea. Plus, there is a major international airport in then capital city, Amman. The location effects the movement in major ways. For example, if there wasn't a Dead Sea, there would be no port, which would mean no shipping cargo. Since Jordan has large desert area, it would be hard to travel through since it's dry and hard to walk through the sand.


Here are some landforms, biomes, and large cities in Jordan:
- Jordan River Valley (deep, narrow, ends in the Dead Sea)
-Transjordan Plateau (includes largest cities in Jordan)
-Syrian Desert (summer time temperature can go to 120F)
-Amman (largest city in Jordan, capital of Jordan)
-Az Zarqa (a large city)
-Irbid (large city)
-Desert (biome)

This is some of their culture:
-Language (Arabic, though English is also taught and spoken)
-Clothing (Usually wear what people in America ear, but sometimes men wear a kaffiyyeh, cloth that covers head, and women wear long ,loose fitting dresses. Some wear the traditional flowing robes)
-Food (Eats mansef, lamb cooked in yogurt and served on a large tray of rice, chicken, cheese, etc.)

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Human environment Interaction

The environment is affected by mining, because now the place no longer has that substance and it might make it unhealthier, or healthier, just depends on the substance. Agriculture modifies the environment because it digs up the dirt and changes a lot of things.

Jobs created by the environment

-Mining (the minerals)



Jordan lies west of Saudi Arabia, and Syria is north of it. The Dead Sea is west of Jordan. Jordan's capital city, Amman, has the coordinates of 32 N, 36 E. It is in Asia, and it's in the northern and eastern hemisphere. The lives of the people are changed by the location because if they only knew how to farm, and Jordan can provide that. But if they move to a city, then they can't do that. Therefore, losing money and getting in debt. Another thing in Jordan is mining, and Jordan is one of the places that you can mine. Jordan provides things that some places can't.


The economy affects people in many different ways. For example, if there wasn’t mining in Jordan, then some miners would not have jobs. In another way, the economy would affect people by losing and getting money. The government would affect people too. For instance, there is a special court that deals with personal matters (divorces, etc.). That court could change someone’s life by saying something. If someone got divorced, then they might help you get over it so it would be alright. The king appoints people to sections to govern a section, So that might affect the way someone acts towards the king if they want to become appointed as the leader of the section.
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what role do women play in society?

-Have a few seats in the Chamber of Deputies
-6 of 110 seats reserved for women in the Lower House of Parliament

-Majority of Jordanian women are well-educated

-Expected to support husband
-raise children
-take care of house

-Have the right to vote
-Women have equal rights in the Constitution

How do women affect Jordan's government?
Well, since there aren't a lot of women who are willing to be part of the government, they don't really affect it too much. Also, only few women are actually part of the government (see section above titled Government), so they don't make too much of a difference. But, one voice can make a big difference, like Queen Rania. She stands up for women's rights in Jordan.


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