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Consultation in areas

Consultation is a two-way communication in which citizens provide feedback on issues defined by government. It is increasingly used, but not as often as information, and there are still big differences between European countries. Few people representations exploit the Internet in full when civil society and citizens should be consulted.

Active participation is a partnership in which citizens actively shape policy options, but where government retains recharge api the responsibility for final decisions. There seldom made an effort to engage citizens in policy-making, and examples of such action is limited to a few countries such as Estonia. The initial assessment of public services in the Member States presented in the Europe Benchmarking Report indicates that on-line services are very little interactive and while there is still, in many cases lack of easily understandable to citizens.

IST have the potential to lower barriers such as cost, time and recharge api distance but this depends upon citizen access to IST in bridging the digital divide and the capacity of governments to use IST effectively in policy-making. Public libraries play an important role in ensuring access and ability to use information technology. There are local and national examples of new forms of social online recharge app partnership and such as employment, social inclusion, education and government in general which seek to ensure more participation of Source excluded groups in the process of governance.

In some cases statutory reform and recognition of the need to share experiences and strengthened the government at the local level by supporting community involvement in local authorities in a more participative local democracy. Public libraries play an important role in this recharge api process. To reduce the Your Domain Name administrative distance and avoid people looking for- or queuing in- public buildings is particularly important for people who are restricted in their mobility options ex people dealing with child care, elderly people or people with disabilities.

GOOD PRACTICE GUIDELINES Public libraries seen as an important facility in the local government in reports as Now We Have a Basis for Library Strategy in Europe by MEP. European Parliament resolution that was taken on the basis of the report included important references to it being a citizen in society. The PubliCA Copenhagen Declaration in October 1999, the libraries have an important role in relation to democracy and citizenship.

Public libraries recognize their responsibility to equip citizens to take recharge api part in their communities through learning new IT skills, accessing expert opinion in different formats or having somewhere to where online recharge app people can meet and organize. This will lead to positive and important contributions to governance. There is a need to ensure that this role is clearly established, articulated and manifested in new digital services and recharge api that they can secure the resources to carry out the role which their knowledge and experience deserve.

As key online recharge app access institutions, can and should public libraries be centrally involved in local social partnerships and initiatives for the development and deployment of new services in support of democratic participation. They have always played an important role in the development of people's ability to search for information, a population that can participate in a democratic society as well-informed citizens.

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