Industrial Revolution in the 1900's

How it all started

Transportation in the Northern United States

In the 19th century the Industrial manufactoring bissness stared to boom. During this time new mothods of transportation started to form. Some examples of the transportation is items like: trains, steam boats, aircrafts, and boxcars. Those were some examples of the transportation they provided to be able to move from one state to another.

The Industrial factorys

In the 19th century manufactoring begain that corrected a new transformation in the North. Many industrial manufactors began to use new mothods of transportation in order to expand their business. Factorys began to spred all over the North and they impolyed young unmarried women.

Women in the bissness

In the 19th century many women didin't have a lot of opportunties that they do today in modorn society. However in the 1900's the Industrial Revolution started. Some of you are maybe asking why am I talking about the Industrial Revolution and not women well here's why. Soon an company opened up in Lowell and they were hiring young unmarried women to come and work in their factories with borad and 3 meals a day. Many farm women came to work there but after a short period of time women from all over came to work and because of this they had to expand the housing units (broad). All the women working there soon became know as the Lowell girls.