I GIVE A WHOOT Fundraiser Campaign

GOAL: Book 100 Fundraisers as a Team!

What the FUNDRAISER is she talking about?

My favorite aspect of Origami Owl is our mission statement and motto to "Be a Force for Good." As we start a new month and approach the anniversary of 9/11, it is another reminder of how important it is to help each other in times of need, support those who keep us safe and honor those we have lost in the battle. There is no better way to live our mission statement then to give back and pay it forward. This month we are raising the bar #rtb and setting the goal to conduct 100 fundraisers as a team! Whether you hold one or twenty five, each and every fundraiser you do this season will contribute to our overall goal. Participation in this campaign is completely voluntary but here are some of the benefits of participating: 1) Paying it forward while supporting groups and organizations in need 2) Increases the exposure of YOUR business 3) Helps to increase your PV 4) It could lead to more bookings and team members. These are just a few of the many reasons why doing fundraisers is beneficial for you as a Designer.

Some of you have lots of experience doing fundraisers while some have never done one at all. We are going to provide all of the resources, support and encouragement to help you achieve our goal! I also have started an EVENT within the Team WHOOT Facebook group called I GIVE A WHOOT Fundraising Tips/Ideas. Once this quarter is over, you will be a FUNDRAISER EXPERT all while being a Force for Good! Let's DO THIS! #rtb #forceforgood #100fundraisers #igiveawhoot

The WHO, WHAT, WHERE, WHEN and HOW of Fundraisers

I will cover the WHO, WHAT, WHY, WHERE and WHEN in this newsletter. This is not something that you HAVE to do nor do you have to follow the format. I am providing this information as a guide to help you find, organize and conduct your fundraisers. There are always new ideas, suggestions, graphics, etc. so feel free to add them to our team WHOOT page.


Let's start with the WHO. Almost every organization and non for profit needs money whether it be for research grants, supplies, scholarships, uniforms, instruments, or just money to travel and compete as done with sport teams. As a team we brainstormed and came up with the following list but this list could go on forever but you have to start somewhere!

Daycare Centers

Animal Rescue



Cheer Teams

Sports Teams (Soccer, Baseball, Football, Softball, Lacrosse, Crew, Tennis, Track, Swimming, Diving, Wrestling, Karate, Field Hockey, Basketball, etc.)

Walk for the Cure

Marching Bands

Non profit Organizations ( JDRF, Appraxia, Cancer Societies)

Beauty Pageant Contestants

Suicide Prevention

Booster Clubs

Community Organizations

School clubs

Specific causes (Katrina, Sandy, Bike a Thons for a local citizen, etc)

Military (Wounded Warriors, Military Families, etc)

Animal Shelters

Dance Teams


Families that lost a loved one


The different organizations is going to vary in your area. Some areas may have sports that have a larger presence or a specific tragedy that may have occurred in your town. There are endless possibilities when it comes to fundraising and many ways your can contribute through your Origami Owl business.


What is Fundraising? Fundraising is soliciting funds for a non commercial cause. Fundraisers help organizations, causes and charities meet their financial goals and in some cases, raise awareness about their mission. Origami Owl does not have a company sponsored fundraising program. As Independent Designers, we have the freedom and flexibility to create, define and conduct our own Fundraisers. We negotiate the terms of each fundraiser with the organization or cause and donate a portion of our sales directly to that group or organization. I stress that fundraising is OPTIONAL and again, your individual choice.


Where are Fundraisers conducted? As Independent Designers, you have the freedom to conduct Fundraisers as you see fit. Each organization and group may be different. I recommend the following:

1) Set the Fundraiser up as an ONLINE JEWELRY BAR. Name the event after the Fundraiser (ie-Keller's Walk for the Cure) Share the link along with instructions with the organization contact via email and letter.

2) Set up a FACEBOOK GROUP or EVENT for each Fundraiser. Share pictures, thank customers for their orders and continue to provide encouragement and participation in the Fundraiser FB Group/Event.

3) Set aside one day or night when you can go set up at the organization's headquarters or event. (ie-Baseball team-ask to set up at a game, Daycare-ask to set up one night during pick up hours, Walk for the Cure-Ask to have them host a JB at someone's house or local restaurant) Seeing the product in person will help to boost your sales.


Fundraisers can be conducted throughout the entire year. Best times of the year are the holidays that require gifts such as Christmas, Hanukkah , Mother's Day, Valentine's Day. I recommend putting a time limit on the Fundraiser of 2-5 weeks. If the Fundraiser drags on for too long, there is no sense of urgency to place an order. Terms can be decided between you and the group.


The HOW may vary from group to group but here is a basic outline to follow:

1) Call or contact the group to ask if they do fundraisers (see SCRIPT)

2) Send a letter along with 2 Take Out Menus, Opportunity Brochure and references if you have them (After each Fundraiser, I ask the organization to write a brief review so I can keep as a reference for future Fundraisers. Helps to build your credibility. Some automatically send you a thank you. Keep those!) (see LETTER)

3) Set on your phone or calendar a reminder to follow up 7-10 days after the letter was mailed.

4) During your follow up, provide more details and answer any questions the contact may have.

5) Agree to terms of the Fundraiser and send it in writing to the Organization. Communication and clear guidelines are KEY to your success. Include the length of the Fundraiser, the amount or percentage of you donation and instructions how to place orders, etc.

6) Set up the Fundraiser in your back office as an Online Jewelry Bar, set up Facebook Event or Group, provide links and instructions to the organization. Stay engaged and in contact giving them a status of their Fundraiser.

7) Close out the Fundraiser, send the organization a portion of the proceeds and send a THANK YOU letter.

8) What about the HOST REWARDS? This is up to you! You can donate the rewards, you can donate a portion of the rewards or you can keep them. I typically donate a locket or a gift certificate to the organization for them to use at an upcoming event.


Hi there,
My name is Lisa Weihbrecht and I’m an independent designer with Origami Owl. Would you mind telling me who handles Programming and Fundraising for you? Thanks so much! May I speak with Mrs. Smith? (If the person is not available, request to leave them a message).

Hi Mrs. Smith
My name is Heather Hall and I’m an independent designer with Origami Owl custom jewelry. Are you familiar with our company? One of the main goals for our company is to be a Force For Good within our community and that is why I am reaching out to you. What sets Origami Owl apart from other jewelry companies is the fact that we tell stories with our jewelry. Our jewelry is 100% customizable, with the customer choosing their special story to tell through our charms. It’s a very personal way to celebrate a milestone, capture of memory or celebrate friendships and family. Everyone has a unique story to tell and that is what we capture. Our product line truly has something for everyone and that is exactly what makes our product perfect for a fundraiser.

As a daycare, I know there are always expenses above and beyond what student fees cover such as books, toys, special programs, etc. I would love to partner with you by creating a simple campaign to help you meet those needs and I am happy to donate 50% of my profit towards this campaign. Would that be something that you would be interested in?

NO - Thank you so much for your time. I would love to send you a little more information that you could look over just in case the opportunity arises in the future. Would that be ok? Thank you so much for your time! Have a great day!

YES - That is Great! I am so excited to work with you and help you meet your goals. I would love to meet with you some time over the next couple of days to go over the details of our program and provide you with everything that you will need for this super simple campaign. Since it is primarily an online campaign, all you will need to do is cash the check. How does that sound? Would Tuesday at 10am work for you? That is great. Could I have your email address to send a follow up email? Perfect! I will see you on Tuesday at 10am. I’m looking forward to working with you!

Have a great day!


June 25, 2015

ABC Day Care


123 Right RD,

Anywhere, State, 12345

Dear Mrs. Smith

Thank you so much for taking my call and allowing me the opportunity to share how we can work together to accomplish your fundraising goal. I’d like to elaborate a little more on the amazing story of our company and our mission to be a Force For Good within our community.

Origami Owl Custom Jewelry was founded in by 14 year old, Bella Weems, as a means to purchasing her own car when she turned 16. Within 3 short years, Origami Owl has taken the Direct Sales Industry by storm, becoming one of the fasting growing companies that the industry has witnessed. What makes us unique is that we tell stories with jewelry and everyone has a story to tell. As we discussed, I would like to accept our company challenge and pay it forward by donating 50 % of my personal profit towards your campaign. I promise to make this the easiest fundraising program that you have experienced and will walk you through every step of the way.

I’ve enclosed a few of our Take Out Menus to allow you to discover all that we have to offer. You may also visit my website, www.designer.origamiowl.com. I look forward to talking with you next week to go over our program in detail on Monday, June 28th at 3:00pm, EST as we discussed.

Again, thank you so much for considering Origami Owl Custom Jewelry for your fundraising needs. I look forward to working with you.


Amazing Designer

Senior Team Leader


email address

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So now that you have the WHO, WHAT, WHERE, WHEN and HOW, it's time to get started!

Each week we will focus on specific categories so you are not overwhelmed. If you already started, WAY TO GO! If you have already have a list of organizations and groups to contact, GO FOR IT! This calendar is just a guide for those that want it! Once you have booked your Fundraiser, be sure to post it in our team page WHOOT so we have an accurate count. If you are not on Facebook, no worries! Just email them to me at owl.lisaw@gmail.com We are up to 20 already!

Week 1: 9/6-9/12 - Football teams, Football Booster Clubs, Cheer Teams, Travel Soccer, Walk for the Cure

Week 2: 9/13-9/19 - School Clubs (Band, Home Econ, FBLA, Honor Societies, etc.) Dance Teams/Schools, Day Care Centers

Week 3: 9/20-9/26 - Animal Rescue, Pet Shelters, Women's Shelters, Food Banks, Local Churches

Week 4: 9/27-10/3 - Military Organizations (Wounded Warrior, Families, etc) Volunteer Firefighters, Sororities/Fraternities, Non-Profit Organizations (local JDRF, Cancer Societies, etc)

We will start with four weeks and if we want to continue, we can add as we go! Each week I will hold either a conference call OR a live Facebook meeting to see how things are going, answer questions, celebrate our success stories, etc!

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1) If you are conducting a Fundraiser where each student needs to raise their own funds, have the customers use that Student's NAME when placing the order yet their own address. This will make it easier for you to track for each student.

2) If you are conducting a Fundraiser for a fallen hero or serviceman, consider having one item made like an inscription plaque with a a wrap bracelet. Share that a portion for the sale of each one will go to the organization. Sharing from Alesia Morris:

The fundraiser I'm doing on the 12 is for a high school friend a cop that lost his life in the line of duty. It's coming up on his anniversary and we are doing an atv four wheeler ride. 100% of my commission is going to the scholarship fund that they have in his name. I have made bracelets with his number "we are 258" and others are asking for dog tags. But so far I have over 40 orders for the bracelet. It the plaque with a wrap! REMINDER: Men's LINE is coming in OCTOBER!!

3) MYSTERY CHARITY HOST: Here is an idea some have been doing. Host a JB and anyone who places an order submits their favorite charity. At the end of the JB, one customer is randomly selected and a portion of the JB is donated to a charity of their choice!

4) KEEP THIS IN MIND: Not every fundraiser is going to be a HOME RUN. You will have to do some coaching just as you do with your host! Some may be AMAZING and others may be not so amazing. It's OK!

5) Create a locket or look specific for the organization and share it with them so they can see the possibilities! With INSCRIPTIONS, you can accommodate everyone!