Ms. Burdick's 3rd Grade News

February 1, 2016


Spring Conferences are student led and optional. If you choose to do this conference at home, I will send the folder home with your kiddo!

Bazaar-Market Day

Students should be honoring the agreements of their work contracts at home as they earn the raw materials needed for production. On February 3, all raw materials are needed at school, for production will begin. Students will soon find out that everything costs money. They will be charged Bradford $ for supplies, electricity, water, space rental, building use, and advertising during our business hours. The children will learn about working together and about the real world of money. (Thanks parents for your help with the raw materials!)

Business due dates:

2-3 Raw materials from home for businesses due

2-3 to 2-10 Make Bazaar products here at school

2-11 Bazaar

Star Students: Connor Smith, Hunter Sanders, Ronan Hirschfield


Thursday, 2/4 - Reading homework #18 due, poetry reading #18 due, spelling test.

No additional writing homework these next two weeks due to conferences, upcoming book report, and the Valentine work listed below.

Adventure book map and speech due 2-26

Valentine's Day

2-11 Valentine Party- decorated & labeled Valentine box or bag needed

Class names for Valentines:

Blake, Audrey, Andrew, Connor, Hunter, Anna S, Ronan, Alaina, Stephanie, Katelynn, Gage, Lucas, Logan, Giana, Lila, Georgia, Carley, Anna L, PJ, Tyler, Pierce, Jeff, Mason